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Ghost Train Haze(Min. Order: 1 Ounce)

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First reared by Uncommon Moistness, Apparition Train Murkiness is a sativa cross of Phantom OG and Neville’s Disaster area. Not at all like common sativas, Apparition Train Cloudiness develops thick buds covered in white, gem topped trichomes. With a harsh citrus and botanical smell, Phantom Train Fog conveys an intense portion of THC to take out torment, wretchedness, and craving misfortune, yet patients inclined to nervousness should avoid this overwhelming hitter. Low dosages are helpful for fixation and innovativeness, yet you may see some cerebral murkiness as you smoke more. Phantom Train Fog is an appropriate open air strain for warm atmospheres and has a 65 to multi day blooming time inside.

Phantom Train Murkiness is an extremely intense strain, with a wide assortment of clinical applications. It is a helpful strain for those experiencing the side effects of malignancy, both mitigating torment and expanding the craving. Casualties of both wretchedness and Post Horrible Pressure Issue will likewise discover help in this strain. Apparition Train Dimness can likewise be utilized to treat glaucoma. Furthermore, the quieting, loosening up impact in light dosages can demonstrate helpful for those with A lack of ability to concentrate consistently Turmoil and Consideration Shortage Hyperactivity Issue.

While a warm atmosphere and outside develop area are helpful for positive outcomes, Phantom Train Cloudiness will thrive inside too, with a 65 to multi day blooming time. The harvest is well high and the yield is very abundant. With an ample yield, strong quality, and noteworthy time span of usability, Phantom Train Dimness is an incredible decision for middle of the road cultivators.


This strain is notable for it’s powerful impacts, having even been included on the May twelfth, 2012 front of High Occasions, filling in as a kind of visual diplomat to speak to the “Most grounded Strains on Earth.” The impacts are regularly regarded fringe hallucinogenic by even the most experienced smokers, with both the strong happiness of Sativa with the substantial body stone of an Indica. While the strain can give a lift in vitality and elevating happiness, it is better utilized for unwinding because of the cerebral dimness that happen with more grounded portions. Obviously, it’s ideal to keep the portion low on the off chance that you plan on having a functioning day.


Phantom Train Fog is an amazing Sativa prevailing half and half strain of cannabis reared by Uncommon Wetness. Phantom Train Murkiness is a combination of Neville’s Disaster area and Apparition OG. This strain is a pleased beneficiary of both the 2014 High Occasions Cannabis Cup US Sativa first spot and the 2013 High Occasions Cannabis Cup Clinical Sativa second spot. It is likewise a yearly champ of High Occasions Most grounded Strains on Earth. This powerful strain has been tried as high as 25% THC.

The smell of Apparition Train Fog is sweet and piney, with traces of citrus, lemon, and zest. In any event, separating a bud will cause a solid, cloudy scent to saturate around the room. The brilliant green buds of the Apparition Train Fog chunks are thick and thick, rich with trichomes and covered in light orange hairs. The liberally iced buds will most likely make them think Christmas came early this year! The smoke is incredibly smooth, with a greater amount of an OG taste with a sharp, pleasantly pine season.




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